Sobre Jose Huillca

Sobre mí

I’m a professional with a solid experience of over 18 years in the marine / O&G industry. I started my career as an officer onboard big ships such as oil and chemical tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo, reefers, OSV, and tugs in charge of loading and unloading operations of bulk liquids, stowage and unstowage of cargo as well as lightering operations. I have been involved in the shipping and offshore industry in big companies for more than 10 years in managerial positions in charge of marine operations and maintenance, implementation, marine infrastructure, procurement, HSE, and logistics of entire fleets in many different operations such as harbor, O&G terminal and offshore field. I have been involved in maintenance, repairs, and dry dockings of the fleet as well as all logistics in the maritime and offshore service. I have managed people from many different nationalities on board as well as ashore.

I developed my commercial and financial side by working closely with internal and external stakeholders, having an approach to clients to give them solutions to their daily operations creating a sustainable business relationship over time. I have the right skills to manage and conduct any operations and human group in the right way and get any target of the company.

I have complimented my experience with a master’s degree in operations and logistics and as well as my daily job, and now, I’m looking for new opportunities outside my place where I can demonstrate all my experience in the industry.

I would enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you more about this position, and how I could use my skills to benefit your organization.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.